Margarita, ana MB Keen was born in Ukraine and raised in Lebanon, where she was brought up in a conservative home and had limited access to the activities and social interactions that her peers enjoyed.

She found solace in reading and writing, and when her parents got divorced she was even more determined to pursue her passion for writing despite the fact that her father and stepmother were strictly monitoring her activity and confiscating anything that did not align with their moral values.

When she turned 17, Ms. Keen left her abusive household for good. She enrolled in college to study marketing while also taking courses from a London-based institute which allowed her to get published by local and global magazines as a professional writer.

In order to make ends meet, Ms. Keen started modeling on the side but this decision came with unexpected consequences: after appearing on several billboards around the Middle East, she was threatened with physical harm, kidnapping, and mutilation which forced her to flee the region and seek shelter in the United States.

When she arrived in the U.S. at the age of 24, she had nothing but $3000 in her pocket; no family or friends with whom she could rely on during such trying times. But even then she managed to find strength within herself by relying once more on what had always been there for her – writing.

“Writing saved my life,” Ms Keen says. “Not only did it give me the courage and will to start a new life, follow my dreams, and fight for my right to live my truth, it also helped me fight depression and my own inner demons—which has been the greatest battle I ever fought.” 

Eight years later Ms. Keen is now an American citizen married with two children, owner of her own company, and a first-time published author; a true testament of determination and courage needed to overcome difficult challenges life puts our way at times.

Throughout the years Ms. Keen has worked hard towards becoming who she is today; facing numerous obstacles yet never wavering from what truly mattered most – staying true to herself through it all – something that requires immense dedication.

She is proud to be able to publish her first book and continue her passion for writing. Moreover, 10% of the profits will be used to support women and children who have been victims of domestic abuse.

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