Packed with well-researched information, renowned author William C. Edmondson lets readers know that all the answers to their end-time questions are found hidden in the Bible, not what someone thinks it is.

Renowned author William C. Edmondson brings an impressive explanation of the Bible and the Christian view of faith and life in his highly rated book, “God’s End-Time Puzzle: Letting Scripture Speak for Itself.

While sharing some fundamental Christian beliefs and excellent wisdom to readers, “God’s End-Time Puzzle: Letting Scripture Speak for Itself” does not fail to deliver the message that all end-time-related questions are found in the Bible. 

Edmondson states in the preface, “It all began before the foundations of the world were put in place. Satan decided in his heart that he was going to take over God’s kingdom. When God created mankind and placed Adam and Eve in a garden called Eden with the purpose of taking care of planet Earth, Satan realized that mankind would be his pathway to achieving his goal. He would seduce mankind with deceit.” 

“God’s End-Time Puzzle: Letting Scripture Speak for Itself” offers readers an in-depth and highly close look at the Biblical end times that are usually cited in the book of Revelation, according to a review given by Amy K. 

“This book is truly exceptional as it links so much together in terms of prophecy and the word of God. If you or someone you know has an interest in learning about the end times, what it means, and how it is linked together throughout the Bible, this is most certainly a must-read for sure,” wrote Amy.

Phil Bolos, another reader, described the book’s writing as something that was “clearly researched,” as he lauded the author for doing a fantastic job of breaking down the various portions of the Book of Revelations so readers can easily follow.

“He has also provided signs to watch out for and what is to be expected when the end times arrive. This is not just the doom and gloom portions of the tale but also the steps that should be taken if one wishes to be spared the worst and move on to Paradise. I think that fans of Biblical readings will enjoy everything that is represented in these pages,” Phil wrote in a separate review.

The highly acclaimed author became interested in end-time theology as a young man after Hal Lindsay’s book, The Late Great Planet Earth. Since that time, he has been enthused about the subject, purchasing various books and novels that provide different ideas about the end-time.

Those who want to grab a copy of God’s End-Time Puzzle: Letting Scripture Speak for Itself” may purchase it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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