Company helps brands get featured in publications to raise public awareness and exposure

Gaining exposure in the marketplace is oftentimes extremely difficult for a brand. Companies are always wondering how to get seen on television, featured on major websites like Forbes, or written about in magazines. Brand Heroes has a team of writers and marketers that make it possible for companies to get press coverage and reach a wide audience. 

Brand Heroes has a network of media outlets that enables clients to get press coverage and reach a wide audience. Clients are then able to increase website conversions. Brand Heroes has access to over 100 affiliates of major news stations across the United States. The company’s network includes NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today. These outlets are major players in the world of online and print media, and provide real exposure to companies. 

A team of writers creates content about Brand Heroes’ clients. These articles are then published through various channels, allowing clients to receive exposure from major media outlets. Once articles are written and published, Brand Heroes clients can use the exposure from major media outlets for further promotion.

Clients receive a PDF summary of all live links to their content as confirmation from Brand Heroes that it has been featured. Some of the media outlets that Brand Heroes works with receive more than 10 million visitors per month.

The number of people that frequent these websites means clients have an optimal opportunity to increase brand awareness. Customer trust and reputation can also be increased through the Brand Heroes approach. In addition, clients can generate hundreds of backlinks for their websites, which helps search engine optimization (SEO).

One result of exposure includes clients using “as seen on marketing” logos on their books, eBooks, websites, and other material. The social proof allows clients to grow their brands, increase sales, and improve their reputations. 

The Brand Heroes service is fast, straightforward, and reliable. It boosts website conversions and helps clients achieve more than ever before.  

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