Audri & Asana are two of the world’s most renowned nude fitness teachers. Their innovative naked workouts span over 300 videos, including 100 full-length workouts with more added regularly. The Audri & Asana video library features them and an expanding list of world-class trainers in various settings. It provides an unmatched way for people to practice fitness in its purest form.

Each series installment includes a nude video workout with one or more trainers, bonus behind-the-scenes footage of the artistic process, plus other bonus content such as video podcasts and Spotify playlists. In addition, Audri & Asana, and a rotation of their gorgeous friends, have developed an entirely new approach to practicing fitness designed to free the mind, body, and soul, including frank and open discussions of sensual and sexual topics accompanying their expert instruction.

By stripping away all the rules, walls, and clothing normally associated with fitness classes, our trainers’ unique styles encourage practitioners to feel liberated in their own skin. Audri & Asana both proclaim, “We love expressing ourselves joyfully and cultivating happiness and gratitude through our energetic naked workouts!”

This original concept has garnered Audri & Asana workouts acclaim on a global scale. With their creative passion for artistic expression through fitness, all of our trainers seek to offer truly unique fitness experiences.

As dedicated professionals in the fields of fitness and arts alike, Audri & Asana and friends continue to challenge traditional norms and inspire others as they strive for spiritual freedom through nude fitness practices. With this mission in mind, they invite those from all backgrounds to join them on a journey toward unlocking inner potential via self-expression through workouts – no clothes necessary!

You can check out Audri & Asana workouts at, see the team of trainers and their bios at, and follow them on Instagram, YouTube, Patreon, and Onlyfans @audriasana.

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