D Tanner is an American entrepreneur and writer. His diverse background and experience in numerous business niches enabled him to write a comprehensive guide to manage life’s expectations titled “Great Expectations Today.”

Most people experience the proverbial “ups and downs” in life but struggle to learn and evolve from them. The highs offer comfort but lead to complacency while the lows, if not managed and approached properly, can lead to many complications in life including mental health issues.

To help his readers manage expectations in life, learn how to attain and maintain success, as well as find fulfillment and happiness wherever they go and whatever they do, D Tanner, has launched a book “Great Expectations Today” on Amazon.

As imparted by Mr. Tanner, this book is comprised of insights regarding personal growth, overcoming mental blocks, leading a happier life, accepting life’s challenges, and gracefully dealing with stress.

As an animal lover who grew up on a farm, D struggled with severe allergic reactions to nearly everything on the farm and around it. Even as a child, he realized that every rose has a thorn but would never give up on the beauty of the flower.

D Tanner is an avid reader and has accumulated a wealth of experiences through life including marriage, family, work and travel. He realized that not many people put too much thought into what happens “after” something happens, be it good or bad, and wanted to help his readers have a more positive and productive perspective about life and think about and plan for disruption in their daily lives.

Great Expectations Today” is a comprehensive guide to “become the person you have always wanted to be,” D stated. It is as much of a collection of humorous experiences and insight as it is a practical handbook to understanding life’s challenges, setting purposeful goals, and expanding the reader’s inner power. The book is now available on Amazon in Paperback format.

More information about D Tanner is available on his official Amazon page

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