India's New Power Couple, who made their startup grow by 98% YoY in the last 5 years:

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Gohoardings aggregates inventory from a variety of different companies (460+). It gives buyers a comprehensive view of their options in a given geography, allow them to use a single interface to buy ads from multiple vendors, and even to target their campaigns based on factors like demographics.

This is the story of a man, who had come from nowhere and had nothing to show, with no-one to root for him. Today, he and his wife have become one of the most powerful couples in the industry and their story chronicles throughout the streets of  India, starting from Villages , towns to hundreds of  cities, eventually touching some of the most high profile streets in Dubai. Their Journey that started in Delhi has transformed them to become an epitome of success and an inspiration for millions. No, we are not talking about Shahrukh and Gauri Khan, or even Virat Kohli and Anushka. This is the story of Vikas and Deepti, the immensely successful new age business power couples of modern India’s startup and business world, who have proven that no matter who you are, what you do or where you come from, if you are persistent enough and have the determination to follow your dreams, there’s no one who can stop you.

Gohoardings, the brainchild of Vikas & Deepti,  has yet again reminded the world that  every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along, that changes everything. Some products change the entire landscape of the  market and some of them create entirely new markets altogether. However a very few of them can boast of the credibility to have done both, and take the entire industry by storm. Gohoardings is one of those companies that has given a new sunshine to an industry that most people had started giving up on. The Gohoardings  brand has given new hope to the industry by reviving the old and tested method of grabbing eyeballs using the traditional means of Outdoor advertising using the classic billboards that continue to charm people across the globe.

Gohoardings is basically an amalgamation of the traditional and the unconventional, the historical and technical, the old and the new. In the days gone by, if you had to get yourself up on a hoarding, you had to connect with various independent vendors who together controlled specific areas. It used to be very difficult if not impossible to connect with them individually, as finding the contacts was difficult and there was absence of a holistic approach to outdoor marketing and advertising, as all of it was pretty much messed up. It used to take weeks, if not months to be able to create a proper targeting plan for the advertising campaign and then again weeks to find proper contacts. And then there was no way to compare and analyse the pricing structure as everything was controlled by the advertising mafias who dictated pricing, and you had no choice but to accept it.

The new era of OOH kickstarted by Gohoardings, who used their years of experience and technology to solve three major problems of the industry:

  1. Advertising Campaign Targeting 
  2. Pricing comparison and competitive pricing
  3. Analytics & reporting    

 How was it achieved? 

 Gohoardings aggregates inventory from a variety of different companies (460+). It gives buyers a comprehensive view of their options in a given geography, allows them to use a single interface to buy ads from multiple vendors, and even to target their campaigns based on factors like demographics. 

This proved to be a revolutionary idea, as it single handedly crushed all middlemen across the board and reduced the cost of advertising by 1/3rd. This approach makes Gohoardings the only brand in the industry capable of launching a campaign consisting of thousands of hoardings across hundreds of cities within 24 hours of placing the order. The is a remarkable achievement, unheard of, in the industry. One example of this is, managing Asia’s biggest OOH campaign for OPPO, which succeeded with flying colours.

Technologically, the company employs a range of approaches to measure an ad’s effectiveness, which includes creating campaign-specific shortcodes, integration with Google Analytics and Google AdWords. The company ensures geo-targeted surveys and uses image recognition on social media to detect when people share images of the ad.

The above approach is an example of using the latest technologies in the industry to infuse new life to the traditional industries, and Gohoardings has achieved it with remarkable success.

In the recent times, Gohoardings has scaled up their area of serving to include gulf countries as well as the Australian continent. Not only this, but, Gohoardings decided to enter the TV, Radio and Print Ads businesses too, and with their experience, technological arsenals and disruptive outlook, they have conquered these industries with equal flair. As a result Gohoardings is growing at an astonishing pace of 98% YoY. 

So, the next time you see a billboard in India, despite carrying the photo of a celebrity like Shahrukh Khan advertising a product, remember that the faces behind those billboards are most likely the new age business couple Vikas and Deepti.

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