International Construction Contract Management, A Book For International Construction Professionals, To Gain A Deep Understanding Of The Construction World And Contracts

Construction businesses have been growing at a significantly faster rate. From constructing a small home to building massive towers and sky scrapers, it has been dramatically changed and transformed. However, not everything seems the way it appears. Construction management is a complex process requiring many things to ensure a smooth project flow. And a construction manager is on the verge of collapsing if not addressed the timely change and understanding.

INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS MANAGEMENT WITH PARTICULAR REFERENCE TO FIDIC CONTRACTS by Dr. Wazir Ali khan is a relative book to help struggling construction professionals.

The author has jotted down his 40 years of excellence as a construction project manager in this book. Every chapter of this literature will highlight a unique concept of construction management.

The book has been designed specifically to help in overcoming the day-to-day contractual

problems encountered in construction projects. Construction managers can learn many useful things by reading the book. They can discover and explore many insightful things, terminologies, other documentation and contractual information, and procedures that are needed to ensure a smooth process.

Every chapter of this book is crafted with perfection. The author himself has studied and experienced the construction business and processes both in the UK and internationally to bring up a remarkable piece of information to enlighten readers and construction managers, and professionals worldwide.

The management of projects is frequently challenging because they are rarely comprised of precise buildings or procured under standard forms of contract. Therefore it is vital to find a practical solution to solve project problems, and getting this book is a prime option for all project managers or professionals who are facing difficulties in managing the construction project.

The book consists of 19 chapters, all with excellent material and sources of information that will be more likely to help you make the most out of construction management and complicated procedures.

The book is available on Amazon for purchase. So do head to the store and purchase it to witness the change and growth.

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