Que Capital: How a GenZ started an equity research firm
Combining fundamental analysis with ESG factors in order to pick the best sustainable long-term investments.

Like most teenagers, Michael Que started investing during the pandemic. Fitting the stereotype of a GenZ investor, he had a Robinhood account and traded mostly on advice of other finance influencers on social media. After losing the little he had in his portfolio and seeing his friends meet the same fate, he decided to seriously learn the fundamentals of stock analysis to recoup his losses. This took him on a self-learning journey as he scavenged the internet and books.

After becoming knowledgeable in the area, he wanted others to avoid his mistake. That’s when he began to blog about stocks to educate investors on the fundamentals of a company and the risk and reward of investments. Eventually, he gained enough competence to be a paid contributor on Seeking Alpha – a platform known for its rigorous editorial review and read by many professionals in the finance industry.

From his learning, Que realized that investing into socially responsible companies was not only good for the community, but provided substantially better returns to investors as well. Seeing the lack of ESG coverage, he decided that socially responsible investing would become a significant part of the companies and analysis he does. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to turn his hobby into a research firm, Que Capital. This was joined by friends William Cao and Michael Feng from local bay area schools. Together, they decided to hit the ground running by recruiting high school students across the country on LinkedIn, creating a highly capable group of analysts.

Readers appreciate Que Capital’s prudent analysis combined with its unique implementation of ESG. As a result, the firm is gaining notoriety, with thousands of views every month and cited by major sites like MarketWatch.

For a firm created by high school students, it is doing quite well financially. From the compensation that it receives from Seeking Alpha and its premium newsletter, the firm currently generates over $1000 a month. However, after paying for the cost of the business, Que plans to donate the rest to nonprofit organizations that teach financial literacy. Ultimately, his goal is to help other GenZ investors become more successful.

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