Founder and owner of R. David & Associates, Reberca David, is a young CPA with her own business. This new author is working to achieve financial freedom for her clients.

When searching for a CPA, a Certified Public Accountant, one must be able to place their financial needs in the hands of a trustworthy individual. This is especially vital for small firms who lack an in-house accountant to manage their crucial finances and taxes.

Reberca David is the founder and owner of R. David & Associates. This incredibly talented young CPA is dedicated to her clients and has extensive experience in the tax and financial fields. 

Reberca David’s background and the founding of R. David & Associates

Reberca David graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management. It didn’t take her long to further her education and credentials when she obtained her CPA license in 2020. With that license and her experience in the financial field, she founded her own CPA firm in 2021. 

R. David & Associates is willing and prepared to assist everyone with their financial needs and inquiries, ranging from tax preparation to personal and business finances. In addition to providing great services, their mission is to leave the clients feeling more aware and confident about their finances.

Through her experience, Reberca discovered that many people make financial mistakes due to a lack of financial education. Her objective is to use her broad expertise to help her clients attain financial independence and educate them so they can make informed decisions in the future. She has even written a book to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in learning some of the most important aspects of running a business.

Entrepreneurship 101: The Things Your CPA Wants You to Know Regarding Your Business by Reberca David

Published on October 23rd of this year, Reberca’s book is called “Entrepreneurship 101: The Things Your CPA Wants You to Know Regarding Your Business”. This book has all the financial basics a small business or entrepreneur should know when starting and running their business. 

Reberca’s book is aimed at preventing those common mistakes to help businesses get started on the right track. By getting the knowledge they need for their business now, they can prevent much bigger mistakes and issues in the future. 

From taxes to payroll, Reberca is helping give readers crucial financial knowledge and freedom when it comes to their small businesses. 


Reberca David is a sensational young woman who owns her own business and has made it a point to share her knowledge with her clients. Her book is a brand-new release that puts some of that knowledge into one place to help educate entrepreneurs and small businesses on the basics of their business finances. With her company, R. David & Associates, and her new book, Reberca David is revolutionizing the way financial freedom is taught and achieved. 

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