The design and manufacturing of a silicone keyboard must give significant consideration to the customer experience. We have many years of knowledge in customer experience. As a result, we can provide advice about how to make siliconekeyboard cover sticks to provide your client with the greatest possible experience.

  • Clean the area that will be used to install the cover by wiping it off with distilled water or a moist cloth.
  • Remove any debris or sand that is stuck in the spaces between buttons on your keypad.
  • Silicone glue should be applied in massive amounts all over the surface of the damaged region.
  • Make sure there is no dust on the silicon cover, and that it is dry.
  • When you attach the silicone covering to your keypad, be careful not to expand it excessively.
  • Make use of a bank card or another item of comparable size and form to eliminate any tiny bubbles that may still be present on the exterior of the silicone covering.
  • Before applying it again, wait at least twenty-four hours for it to dry.
  • For a period of five to ten minutes, heat the silicone with a hairdryer.
  • Hold off on further use until it has cooled down.

On the other hand, the 360 silicone phone case of Dongguan Bright Rubber is fantastic. Because silicone is an exceptionally durable substance, your phone may be protected from being dropped, bumped, or otherwise damaged. They are capable of transformation. Additionally, silicone covers may shield your phone from the harmful effects of high heat.

The other product of Dongguan Bright Rubber is a silicon watch strap. The fact is that silicone rubber has excellent tolerance to high heat.

A crucial component for timepieces is a 10 mm silicone watch strap. They prevent the watch from being scratched and ensure that it maintains its fresh appearance. Because it is comfortable, long-lasting, and easy to clean, a watch strap that is 10 millimeters thick silicone is considered to be the best.

A customized shape seal body is a kind of seal that is created in a specific pattern to better fulfill the needs of the client. The frames of special form seals may be manufactured from a variety of materials, including but not limited to latex, plastics, and metals. BRT is delighted to announce the development of a special shape sealbody manufacturer for cover safety and protection.

About Dongguan Bright Rubber:

Launched in 2015, Dongguan Bright Rubber and Plastic Items Co., Ltd. has a factory space that spans 3,000 square meters. The environmental safety requirements of the local market, European market, and American market may all be satisfied by the items that we sell. We have been crafted using the most advanced technology and materials available. If you want any assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are known for our prompt delivery and excellent service. Please visit our site if you would like to buy the item.

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