Book of Scribbles takes real digital marketing and data models used for big-name brands to demonstrate the latest marketing trends and strategies in a way everyone can understand. This book takes on multiple marketing topics in a unique way.

Digital marketing is both a science and, in a way, an art form. It requires a great deal of understanding of current trends in the media and social industries, as well as a grasp of consumer behavior and patterns. Learning digital marketing is an invaluable tool that can boost one’s brand, be it as a business or as something like a content creator. is a great resource for learning digital marketing and data. Written by industry expert David Uribe, this book takes a unique approach to teaching this crucial skill.

What the Book of Scribbles teaches and provides

The Book of Scribbles contains 75 digital marketing and data models to use as starting points for teaching the reader great and useful skills. These models are written and organized into seven categories and chapters that include: Introduction to data, strategy, digital creativity, social media, data, performance models and tools. Things like understanding the current digital marketing landscape can be found in this book to help the reader get a better grasp on the industry they’re trying to break into and work with.

The book is perfect for beginners in the marketing world as it teaches the foundations for a data journey in marketing and communications. For those who already have clients, whether for their business or for their own marketing firm, it will help better determine what those clients need and what they can benefit from.

When it comes to the tools one needs to be successful, whether in digital marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, or even social media marketing, Book of Scribbles has great introductions to market resources.

The book’s first printed edition was sold out in two weeks with incredibly positive reviews from industry leaders.

“Since day one, I have come to respect the marketing brain that is David, his ability to visualize possibilities and “scribble” these down for us mere mortals to digest and absorb. I am excited that David has seen fit to compile all of his ideas and thoughts into an easy readable and understandable format, that will surely empower and inspire many emerging digital marketers to greatness,” says Selvin Govender, the Vice-president of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes Benz.

“This book contains a wealth of scientific knowledge and field experience, and it will help ease every marketer’s mind. It’s a digital toolbox with 75 great recipes that should be on your desk,” says Sammy Lee, Ph.D. Penn State University and Professor at Ajman University.

David Uribe’s background as the author

This great tool for marketing professionals at all levels of the industry was written by David Uribe. As a professor, he has a great deal of experience teaching and developing the best methods to ensure his students retain the information he’s giving them. This translates to the unique way he teaches the readers of Book of Scribbles as he engages them in the content and keeps them interested.

With multiple degrees and certifications from the University of Barcelona and MIT, he has completed an extensive amount of education in the marketing, advertising, data, and communication fields to build his knowledge base.

He’s worked in the industry with titles like the Regional Head of Data and the Head of Digital for brands all over the World. These various levels of education and experience have combined to give him the ultimate background for writing the perfect instructional book for the digital marketing industry.

David Uribe has worked in five different continents throughout the last 12 years. He has worked with the world’s largest agencies and clients, with names like Mercedes Benz, Johnnie Walker, Netflix, Nissan, PepsiCo, and DHL on his impressive resume. He currently lives in Amsterdam to work at 180 Global as their Head of Digital.

Book of Scribbles is written in a unique and engaging format that allows the reader to take a look at real examples of digital marketing while they learn how to be the best they can be in this tough industry. Beginners and long-term professionals alike can benefit from the knowledge provided in this book. An exclusive discount code is also available as sc23.

David Uribe will also be hosting weekly live sessions speaking about the book on his Instagram in January to answer questions and help people understand digital and data better.

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