Prab Mangat is an experienced bootstrapped entrepreneur and investor who has built and scaled his own internet-based education business,, into a multi-million dollar annual run rate within 18 months without the help of any venture capital or external funding.

As the CEO and COO of several internet-based education companies, Prab Mangat is striving to create a strong portfolio of such businesses that will generate network effects through each additional user.

Prab Mangat has amassed a wealth of knowledge from his own experiences in bootstrapping an online business that he now applies to helping other entrepreneurs achieve the same success.

Having established numerous internet-based startups himself, he works with budding entrepreneurs in order to successfully start and scale their businesses. His vast experience includes setting up companies, managing capital flows and financials, as well as providing advice and guidance on how to use technology for growth.

In addition to offering his expertise to new entrepreneurs, Prab Mangat also supports existing startups with strategies for scaling up quickly and efficiently. He assists with streamlining processes, understanding customer needs better, marketing effectively and improving products or services based on feedback from customers or competitors.

When it comes to creating long-term value for any business model or idea, Prab looks at the big picture and works towards developing sustainable outcomes that can thrive even in difficult market conditions.

With a keen eye for detail coupled with extensive experience across multiple sectors including finance, economics and marketing, he can quickly identify opportunities ripe for exploitation while mitigating risks associated with innovation.

It is this combination of skills that has enabled Prab to build upon his own successes as a bootstrapped entrepreneur while working toward achieving success for many others seeking bigger dreams in the industry.

Whether it’s starting up a new venture or scaling an existing one beyond expectations – through sound advice and practical approaches – Prab Mangat hopes to continue helping people get best out of their businesses along the journey towards success!

You can learn more about Prab Mangat and his YouTubeTM content on his channel here: and visit his website at

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