Verified digital proof of vaccination protects against loss or damage

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommending updated (bivalent) COVID booster vaccines, VaccineCheck has updated its Digital Health Pass to make it easier for individuals to upload their booster information.

The Digital Health Pass provides a convenient, HIPAA-compliant way to display verified proof of vaccination, including all doses, for up to five family members on one device. It displays an individual’s name, date of birth, type of vaccine, dates of vaccination and a scannable QR code. Users can also enter their COVID test results. Visit to learn more.

“A digital vaccine card is a portable, secure and private way for people to keep their health information at their fingertips,” Chris Nickerson, VaccineCheck CEO, said. “With many people traveling for the holidays, VaccineCheck makes it easy to comply with COVID-19 travel regulations and show their vaccination status anywhere they go.”

VaccineCheck’s digital vaccination record is verified with more than 60 state and local vaccine registries (with international options available for customers outside the U.S.), providing a trusted health record that people can use for school, work or attending events. Unlike a paper vaccine card, which can be lost or damaged, the Digital Health Pass can be downloaded to a user’s phone or saved in their Apple wallet.

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VaccineCheck is powered by WellCheck, which offers a range of digital solutions for organizations to protect, prepare and secure, including safety alerts, behavioral health screening and community-wide mass communication. A compliance tracking dashboard allows businesses, schools and event hosts to understand their organization’s health and safety status at a glance.

About VaccineCheck and WellCheck

Drawing on more than 30 years of enterprise compliance technology and safety experience, VaccineCheck, powered by WellCheck, enables individuals, organizations and venues to digitally display and verify health status.

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To register for a Digital Health Pass for you or your family, visit

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