The innovative premium work cafes offer a variety of seating and unique amenities proven to maximize levels of productivity.

VEL, a dynamic and adaptable premium work cafe has meticulously engineered a space that optimizes productivity and is customized to meet the daily needs of consumers. Their unique work spaces include privacy pods, nest seating and conforming spaces for coworking. Each seating location harbors its own set of features and amenities to accommodate the specificity of the individual’s needs. Additionally, the store offers non-reservation seating for casual places to sit whilst enjoying a fresh coffee or pastry from their menu.

Upon entering the premium work cafe customers are welcomed and encouraged to find a space that fits their intents for the day. For some, this might simply mean grabbing a coffee and only staying long enough to check a few emails. For others, VEL has become a home office away from home; And they use the dynamic space for meetings, gathering a team or running a one person empire.

The collaboration table is a conforming space for coworking that seats up to six. The table offers state of the art lighting fixtures, accessible outlets and a great deal of space to unpack and work efficiently with team members. While this table is accessible to all it is also available to be reserved for meetings, events or daily collaborations. Located behind the collaboration table is an ergonomic standing mat for those who like to “think on their feet.” More importantly, this elevated floor cushion reduces stress on the limbs to prevent fatigue.

The next level of workspace seating offered in the VEL store is the nest seat which provides an ergonomically comfortable and adaptive workstation. This seat can only fit one person but it offers a host of room along with a private outlet, an adjustable desk and reading light created for both right and left hand people. The private chair also comes equipped with a white noise dispenser and gravity blanket to reduce stress and anxiety. Located above the nest seating is high color temperature light sources that encourage productivity through boosting mood, energy and alertness. The nest seat is available for walk-in reservations or by booking through the VEL mobile app.

For workers looking for a private oasis VEL offers “Think Spaces”. These are also known as the mono and duo pods. While the mono-pod is intended for solo workers, the duo pod can fit up to four people. Both rooms offer a personal and soundproof environment free from distractions. The intimate spaces also include a screen monitor for meetings, white noise to intensify focus and reduce stress, a lush wall of greenery for relaxation, and light sources to enhance performance. The pods are available for walk-in reservations or by booking through the VEL mobile app.

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About VEL

There are many ways to become a “VELLER”. While walk-in bookings are always welcomed, customers can also subscribe at the affordable rate of ten dollars a month and receive access to the store’s high speed and secure wifi. Subscribers are also granted access to the app and have the ability to reserve seating ahead of time, mobile order food and drinks, and find out the latest news from VEL.

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