Watch Out for Companies that Advertise a Cheap Air Duct Cleaning
Bait-and-switch ads are those that promote a $199 whole-home cleaning.

You are not alone if you have ever received a flyer in the mail promoting a whole-home offer for $199, $99, or any other deceptively low amount. The businesses behind these ads make the whole industry seem terrible, and for many unhappy homeowners, duct cleaning is a waste of money.

This is due to the fact that these companies’ rendition of duct cleaning does not use appropriate practices. Bait-and-switch ads are those that promote a $199 whole-home cleaning. When they come for the cleaning, they will most likely just clean twelve or so ducts for the first $199, then surprise you with a quotation for the remainder of the duct cleaning. They entice you with the promise of a low cost and then changed it at the last minute.

In terms of their actual technique, many businesses, including those that do not engage in bait-and-switch scams, utilize a shop-vac to clean the ducts. A shop vac can only reach around 3 feet of ductwork behind each vent cover. They aren’t long enough to clean all the way down to the main trunk line. Even if you discover a business that cleans ductwork effectively, if you don’t pay their exorbitant fee to clean all of the ducts, the cleaning will be a waste of money. When you turn on the air again, all of the remaining dirt and debris will recirculate back into the clean ducts, as if the cleaning had never occurred.

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